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What is the difference between red copper and brass?

The main differences between red copper (also known as bronze) and yellow brass are as follows:

1、Composition: Red copper is composed of copper (Cu) and a small amount of aluminum (Al). Yellow brass is composed of copper and zinc (Zn). The aluminum content in red copper is typically between 2-8%, while the zinc content in yellow brass is usually between 10-45%.

2、Color: Red copper exhibits a purple or deep reddish-brown color due to the presence of aluminum. Yellow brass has a yellow or golden color due to the presence of zinc.

3、Strength and hardness: Yellow brass is harder and stronger than red copper. The hardness and strength of yellow brass can vary depending on the zinc content. Red copper is relatively softer compared to yellow brass.

4、Corrosion resistance: Yellow brass is more corrosion-resistant than red copper. The presence of zinc in yellow brass provides better antioxidation and corrosion resistance, making it suitable for applications such as pipes, valves, and other corrosion-resistant components.

5、Electrical conductivity: Red copper has higher electrical conductivity than yellow brass. This high electrical conductivity makes red copper widely used in applications such as electrical wires, cables, and electronic devices that require good conductivity.

6、Applications: Red copper, due to its good malleability and electrical conductivity, is commonly used in the manufacturing of electronic components, musical instruments, and decorative items. Yellow brass, because of its corrosion resistance and mechanical properties, is often used for making pipes, valves, hardware fittings, and decorative items.

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