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Langnai Aluminum Products

We provide high-quality raw materials for aluminum products.

We And Copper Materials

Our company's copper products have been exported to overseas countries for a long time.

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We Provide Professional Supply Chain Services

Our Company

Shandong Langnai Metal Products Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and exporter of metal materials. It is a modern comprehensive service enterprise specializing in the production and processing of aluminum products and copper product materials, as well as import and export sales and industrial technical services.

Customer Service

Quality Promise

Our products strictly follow production standards and provide customers with testing, customization, return and exchange services.

Price Advantage

The prices we offer are in line with the rapidly changing market and have a certain level of competitiveness.

Give You Very Quickly

We guarantee 24/7 e-services to reply to customers, the first time through the phone and email to solve your problems.

Free And Available Sample

We can provide customers with free samples for their reference.

Packing Delivery

Firm and intact packaging prevents loss or damage of your shipment and deliver goods to customers as quickly as possible.

Professional After-Sales

Excellent team and professional service. to solve your after-sales problems..

LangNai, Your Trusted Metal Supplier

Focusing on product quality and customer service is the core of company development and the key to success.

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